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  • Labor Day Message

    140th Wingmen,This weekend we will all enjoy an extra day off of work in honor of the U.S. federal holiday, Labor Day. In light of this upcoming holiday, which is intended to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers, I would like to thank all of you for the diligent hard work you have done since I have been in command. I never
  • Happy Fourth of July Weekend

    140th Wingmen,As we approach the July 4th holiday weekend, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued hard work and steadfast commitment to our mission, both at home and abroad. What we once thought would be a slow summer has become a whirlwind of taskings, and you ALL have truly stepped up to the challenge once again. I would
  • A Vision for the USAF

    To the Airmen of the United States Air Force: I've attached a new Vision for the United States Air Force. Focused on "Airmen, Mission, and Innovation," I believe this short document captures what today's Air Force is all about and where I think we ought to focus for tomorrow. It takes about three minutes to read. I'd consider it a personal favor if
  • Big News! 137th Space Warning Squadron is now the 233rd Space Group

    Wingmen of the 140th,It gives me great pleasure to pass along this note I received from HQ USAF today announcing the approval of our Organizational Change Request (OCR), reorganizing the 137th Space Warning Squadron into the 233rd Space Group, Colorado Air National Guard. Within the group will be 3 subordinate squadrons, the 137th Space Warning
  • Congratulations to COANG Annual Award Winners

    My Congratulations to all the Award Winners. You represent the best this great Wing has to offer, and we are extremely proud to stand beside you as your Wingmen!Well done.-Brig Gen Tru Eyre~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AIRMAN OF THE YEAR - SrA Kiley J. Bond - Medical Technician Journeyman - 140th Medical GroupNCO OF THE YEAR - TSgt Jennifer K.
  • Words from Gen Eyre - Nov 2012

    140th Wingmen,Hopefully you all have had a chance to read the email from Gen Welsh, our new USAF Chief of Staff. It's hard to add to what he had to say about Veteran's Day, the response nationally to Hurricane Sandy, and the blessings we share as a nation as Thanksgiving approaches.....so therefore, I'll keep this short.Like Gen Welsh, I am honored
  • CSAF Letter to Airmen - Nov 2012

    To the Airmen of the United States Air ForceNovember is a proud month! Betty and I stood at the Tomb of the Unknown on Veterans Day as President Obama laid a wreath honoring not just our Fallen, but all our Nation's veterans, for everything they (and you) have done to defend American citizens and interests for the past 236 years. During the week
  • November Note

    Fellow Airmen,This afternoon (Thursday) we say goodbye to the main body of our deployers as they depart for their overseas duty, a duty that will see them miss Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years with their families. As I have said to all of those deploying as they have gathered in the hangar with their families over the past week,
  • Commander's Comments: Happy Birthday Air Force

    In 1947, 65 years ago today, President Truman signed the National Security Act which established the new defense organization, and along with it the creation of the US Air Force as an independent service, equal to the US Army and US Navy. From the new Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen Welsh:"While our Service enjoys an unbreakable connection to
  • Even small wildlife poses a threat to jet engines

    While the Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazards (BASH) program at Buckley Air Force Base is always a work in progress, where success is measured by "zero incidents," this past year has been an extremely incident-free one. For those of you who are superstitious like me, "knock on wood" because the migratory season is soon approaching and geese will