November Note

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Trulan Eyre, commander
  • 140th Wing
Fellow Airmen,

This afternoon (Thursday) we say goodbye to the main body of our deployers as they depart for their overseas duty, a duty that will see them miss Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years with their families. As I have said to all of those deploying as they have gathered in the hangar with their families over the past week, every single one of them has volunteered for this duty, and that in and of itself speaks volumes about who they are. I'm sure we all agree, we are extremely proud of each of them and look forward to hearing their stories, watching from afar their support of the combat efforts in the region, and most importantly, their safe return in January. I also tell the families how much we appreciate their sacrifice. For those of us left behind, the best thing we can do is to be there when the families need us. Grace Finley and our Family Support team are second to none, but need our help. If you hear of families in need during this deployment, I ask that you make those needs known and we get them that help. It's a fact in every deployment we do, some family will need assistance, and this is our way to serve those who have been left behind.

It has been a couple of years now since our last AEF deployment, and for many, this is their first. Please keep all our deployers and their families in your thoughts and prayers and we wish them Godspeed and all the best as they defend us and our great nation.

Speaking of defending our nation, next week marks a significant opportunity for all Americans. The privilege of voting to form the government of our choice is the foundation of what makes us great. I urge you to do your civic duty and take the time to exercise this privilege....something veterans before us have guaranteed. And as such, I have attached a memo for our full time force working next Tuesday's election day, granting permission to take time off from work to vote if required. Please take this opportunity.

Lastly, on Saturday night, we "fall back" as we end Daylight Savings Time. What that means is we are getting close to that time of year when daylight ends at about 1630, the nights are long and cold, and winter is upon us. Dig out the winter shovels, dust off the skis, and prepare for our Colorado winter. And that can mean extreme weather changes from 70 in November like we see today to temperatures below zero. That can wreck havoc, not only on your home's furnace but you as well. I expect us all to get our flu shots and this weekend would be a good time to do so. And in the meantime, please be careful out there as we all know the hazards of winter that are about to take hold.

My thanks again to all of you for what you do, and please, keep our deployed Wingmen and their families in mind. We are who we are as a nation because of those who step up to defend us and our families.


Tru Eyre
140th Wing Commander