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  • Colorado National Guard celebrates 160 years of service to communities, state and nation

    The Colorado National Guard dates to Jan. 23, 1860, when the 1st General Assembly of the Jefferson Territory authorized the formation of two military companies of Citizen-Soldiers – the “Jefferson Rangers” and the “Denver Guards.” From those early years through present time, the CONG has been there to serve the community, state and nation.
  • Guardsmen, Reservists, active Airmen at Buckley AFB pioneer IT advancement

    We think of pioneers as people who’ve created new inventions or led the way into new frontiers on horseback, but some of the most important pioneers in American history changed the face of America through immigration, capitalism, and machine technology. While Enterprise Information Technology as a Service (EITaaS) among military organizations may
  • Colorado-Jordan future leaders focus on human capital development

    “I love the JAF!” exclaimed a sparsely-mustached cadet at the Royal Military Academy in Az‑Zarqa, Jordan, when asked why he was sweltering in the summer heat.  Fresh out of university, he’s now learning military tactics that will help him lead his soldiers in the days, weeks, and years to come.  At this proclamation, his classmates collectively
  • Colorado ANG drops live munitions in Baltic re-gion for Saber Strike 18

    The Colorado Air National Guard participated in Saber Strike 18, which provided the unique opportunity to drop live MK-82 500 bombs for the first time in the Baltic region June 3-15, 2018.
  • Up in arms; Pun intended

    Leland Driggs casually enters the room, his stature is a bit intimidating until he smiles. He carries himself with a quiet strength. He looks tired but he’s attentive and very personable. He listens with patience and chats about why he believes that motivation to do well in all areas of his life contribute to his success with family, arm wrestling
  • Connecting Three Generations In Okinawa, Japan

        The tunnel was dark and damp. Gray, concrete walls lined the old bunker. Blotches of green were scattered on various walls, splattered marks where grenades had exploded. Japanese was written on the walls in the commander’s room, preserved by a thin sheet of Plexiglas. Every footstep taken in the musty old cave was, at one time, a place where a
  • Road to resiliency tracks through stories of life

    Tires screeched trying to find traction on the road known as "Dead Man's Curve." Next, the violent sound of metal impacting metal as the great bulk of a 1973 Plymouth Fury assailed the guard rail meant to keep it on the roadway. Within seconds the sound of steel collapsing and glass breaking gave way to eerie silence as the vehicle completed its
  • Concussions bring NFL and military together at last

    "We were in the air about 100 to 150 feet, just hovering (on the cable)," said Army Staff Sergeant Kathleen A. Lewis. "The wind below started spinning us in the wrong direction and the flight medic was trying to get us reoriented. Right as I reached the bottom of the helicopter, we got caught in the wind and we flipped in the hoist. The pulley
  • Airman helps combat Human Trafficking

    Every 30-seconds someone in the United States falls victim to Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity and, unfortunately, Denver, Colo., has one of the largest populations of homeless youth in the country, leaving homeless teens prime victims of sex trafficking. Two of the most common forms of human