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  • Up in arms; Pun intended

    Leland Driggs casually enters the room, his stature is a bit intimidating until he smiles. He carries himself with a quiet strength. He looks tired but he’s attentive and very personable. He listens with patience and chats about why he believes that motivation to do well in all areas of his life contribute to his success with family, arm wrestling
  • Connecting Three Generations In Okinawa, Japan

        The tunnel was dark and damp. Gray, concrete walls lined the old bunker. Blotches of green were scattered on various walls, splattered marks where grenades had exploded. Japanese was written on the walls in the commander’s room, preserved by a thin sheet of Plexiglas. Every footstep taken in the musty old cave was, at one time, a place where a
  • Road to resiliency tracks through stories of life

    Tires screeched trying to find traction on the road known as "Dead Man's Curve." Next, the violent sound of metal impacting metal as the great bulk of a 1973 Plymouth Fury assailed the guard rail meant to keep it on the roadway. Within seconds the sound of steel collapsing and glass breaking gave way to eerie silence as the vehicle completed its
  • Concussions bring NFL and military together at last

    "We were in the air about 100 to 150 feet, just hovering (on the cable)," said Army Staff Sergeant Kathleen A. Lewis. "The wind below started spinning us in the wrong direction and the flight medic was trying to get us reoriented. Right as I reached the bottom of the helicopter, we got caught in the wind and we flipped in the hoist. The pulley
  • Airman helps combat Human Trafficking

    Every 30-seconds someone in the United States falls victim to Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity and, unfortunately, Denver, Colo., has one of the largest populations of homeless youth in the country, leaving homeless teens prime victims of sex trafficking. Two of the most common forms of human
  • Founder of Freedom Memorial Shares Story

    Rick Crandall, President of the Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation, provides an inside look into how the memorial went from an idea to a reality and what it took to get it there. On Memorial Day 2000, Crandall did a morning radio show broadcast from an American cemetery, located at Omaha Beach, in Normandy, France in honor of World War II
  • Night Flying

    "I am actually kind of a night owl," said Staff Sergeant Spencer Brauer, aircraft armament systems specialist, assigned to the 140th Maintenance Squadron here. "I like working the night flying missions and I especially like watching jets take off at night as a big dragon tail shoots out of the back. They aren't louder or anything, it just looks
  • Defining a hero

    For those who don't know him, my 9-year-old son is obsessed with flying, and set his sights on becoming a fighter pilot after he saw his first Colorado Air National Guard F-16 as a toddler.With such a goal firmly rooted in his mind, we often discuss airplanes and aviation (to be fair, he usually quizzes me, and I usually lose), world history as it
  • Airmen train to win back rugby championship

    Rugby and the Air Force have a lot in common. Both Rugby and the Air Force consist of teams made up of a diverse group of people, who are passionate about teamwork, camaraderie and strength. Although both cohesively work together to accomplish a different mission, they both share a common goal, winning.Senior Airman Benjamin A. Haapapuro, a space
  • BLOG: 140th Civil Engineering Squadron in Slovenia

    The following are notes from Slovenia, where the 140th Civil Engineer Squadron is currently working.Day 1: We finally arrived in Slovenia, but the jet lag is insidious. Our journey started in Denver on Thursday morning at Buckley Air Force Base.  Some had driven more than an hour to report at 0730 and others wrapped up late business staying up late