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  • COANG Guardsman finds inspiration out of hardship

    Eric Miller is a captain in the Colorado National Guard. He is a humble member of the 140th Medical Group's CERFP Team; however he is also a hero.Some may remember the day he and six other military members came to the rescue when a car sped out of control and crashed back in March 2011. Captain Miller was heading to his monthly military training
  • Remembering Windsor: Colo. Guard provides calm presence after devastating storm

    On May 22, 2008, at 11:26 a.m., an EF3 tornado ripped through Windsor, Colo. Winds reaching up to 65 mph killed one person destroyed 78 homes in a 39-mile swath of chaos and destruction.Within two hours of the twister's departure, Colorado National Guardsmen from the 137th Space Warning Squadron (now the 233rd Space Group) in nearby Greeley, Colo.,
  • 'Jordan First'; Hospitality, brotherhood for all

    A simple blue kite punctuates the sky in Ash Shajarah, Jordan; a land of rolling hills pinstriped in olive groves and tree-lined streets. Just a few kilometers north, in Al Ramtha Governance, a man who has been shot by a sniper is carried into Jordan from across the Syrian border. Now lying on a litter inside a medical trailer at Tal shehab
  • Home on the Range – Airburst Range provides critical training to all services

    It's easy to recognize the sound of the 140th Wing's F-16s flying overhead, yet while they are the most conspicuous component of the wing's mission, there are many other aspects that warrant recognition. This feature is the first in a series that will recognize the people in the 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard, who work hard every day to
  • Operation CoCare, a benefit for the Ute Nation

    More than 30 members of the Colorado Air National Guard's 140th Medical Group travelled to southwest Colorado to spend a week learning from and providing health services to the Native American Ute Tribes as part of a health promotion fair, Operation CoCare. The Operation CoCare mission would not only help fellow Coloradoans, but would also help
  • An insider's perspective... ORE

    It is dark and cool at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. An Operational Readiness Exercise has been running since yesterday, but sleepy Airmen are arriving to a dark parking lot that has been transformed to a giant dressing room. Standing near their cars, you can see silhouettes getting dressed for the day. They're struggling with protective over
  • The ‘write’ stuff: Military genealogy shows I had it all along

    Many families carry a legacy of military service. Mine doesn't. The last of six kids, I was the only one who joined the military. Shaped by our upbringing, we're all patriots, each in his or her own, unique way. We rarely agree with each others' political viewpoints and none of us look anything alike. In fact, I'm the only one for at least three
  • Air National Guard Referral Program

    The new Air National Guard Referral Rewards Program was created for current and retired ANG members who are helping to recruit new Airmen. To get started, log on to www.refer2ang.com to create an account.Once an account has been created, members will receive a welcome kit in the mail, which contains Referral Rewards Program business cards with your
  • Listening without judgment: Resilience, suicide prevention program available to all Guard members

    We've all experienced stress, been overworked, felt underappreciated. We need not have experienced combat to feel emotional pain so deep it cuts.We're also part of a family, one of Soldiers and Airmen who've been protecting our nation since 1636. And because we're a family, we're supposed to take care of each other. But how?One way is through the
  • Exercise and Inspection: The Test of an Airman

    To the outside world. the Air Force is the United States' primary organization for conducting air, space and cyberspace warfare. The operations depicted on recruiting commercials give testimony to the Air Force's mission to fly, fight and win. As glamorous as these commercials appear, little attention is given to the work that goes on behind the