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  • Welcoming words from Col Turner, incoming 140th Wing Commander

    140th Wingmen,                                 For those of you deployed, thank you for accomplishing the mission.  We will meet when you return.  During the Wing change of command I emphasized some changes to our priorities, and also made a promise to protect our Airman’s time.  Below are some of the ways our leadership team is quickly making
  • Happy Holidays from Col Dunstan

    140th Wingmen,Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, I want to take a moment to look back on the extraordinary list of accomplishments that you all made happen this past year.I am truly proud that we executed three aviation package deployments this year! First to Nellis AFB to provide WIC support, then to Tyndall AFB for Combat Archer,
  • Letter to the Men and Women Who Serve

    I wanted to put some words to paper...somehow, it carries more weight...  Joining you for the Military Ball was an honor, a blessing, and a privilege.  The experience took me back to some places and some times I haven't visited in a long time.  Of course, as the son of a soldier, places and times that serve to constantly fuel a reservoir of pride
  • Happy Holidays from the Commander

    140th Wingmen,It's hard for me to believe that another year has already passed since we last celebrated these holidays together.  The past twelve months have been remarkably busy, which doesn't surprise me much anymore.  We are always a busy wing.  You all have built yourselves a reputation for being able to accomplish whatever mission is set ahead
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    140th Wingmen,As we approach another holiday season together, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for. We are so lucky to live in a nation where we are free to celebrate whatever holidays we please. The freedoms we enjoy would not be possible without men and women like you who have willingly volunteered to serve
  • Memorial Day Message from the Commander

    140th Wingmen,With the holiday weekend that is upon us, I'd like to take a moment to remember all of our fellow service members who have given their lives for our country. Each of you, by joining our Nation's military service, has volunteered to give your life to defend our home and our freedom, if and when required. Hundreds of thousands of men
  • Be Smart, Stay Safe, Protect our PII

    140th Wingmen,First and foremost in my thoughts is how each of you continues to serve your nation with distinction and honor every day.  Some particularly defining moments from this spring include the superior performance by our Airfield personnel during the AFSPC inspection in January, the selection of SrA Jonathan Smail, 233 SG, as not only the
  • Take Care of Our Greatest Resource

    140th Wingmen,Two weeks ago we said farewell to our people headed overseas for the TSP deployment. I want to say "THANKS" to everyone who played a part in making their departure as smooth and seamless as it was. Everyone is safely in country now and doing well due to your hard work and effort.In light of the deployment, I'd like to remind you of
  • Congratulations to the 140th CES

    140th Wingmen,I'd like to personally congratulate our 140th Civil Engineer Squadron for winning the 2014 Colonel William L. Deneke Award. This award is given each year to the Air National Guard civil engineer unit that shows the most outstanding accomplishments and achievements. As the ANG winner, the 140 CES competed with all Reserve Component top
  • 140th Wing Holiday Message 2014

    140th Wing Warriors,It's hard to believe we are already nearing the end of 2014. Time truly flies when you're having fun...especially when you're as busy as we've been! I never cease to be amazed when I look back at all you have accomplished over the past 12 months. You have met and exceeded my expectations and succeeded in all of your endeavors