Education & Training


· Up to 100% State Tuition Assistance: The Colorado State Tuition Assistance program provides up to 100% tuition assistance for members attending state supported educational institutions and who are in satisfactory standing.

· Chapter 1606, Montgomery GI Bill for Selected Reserve Program: You may be entitled to educational assistance through the Reserve Montgomery GI Bill as a member of the Air National Guard. The rates vary between part-time and full-time students. Effective 1 October of each year, the Veterans Administration adjusts the amount the Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill will pay.

See current rates here.

· Reserve Montgomery GI Bill Kicker Program: These funds are earned IN ADDITION to the regular Reserve GI Bill. Individuals in certain career fields that are critical to the unit may qualify for this additional incentive. Members could receive up to an additional $350 per month for full-time students, and like Chapter 1606 mentioned above, it too is pro-rated for those attending fewer classes.


· Basic Military Training: Eight and a half weeks at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Here you are challenged both mentally and physically as you are oriented to military procedures and discipline. Your training instructors instill in you a strict military regimen as they teach you how to march, handle a rifle, tackle a confidence course, put your skills to work during Warrior Week, and help you develop the discipline and leadership skills you need as an Airman. In October of 2008 Warrior Week was replaced by "The BEAST" (Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training) which will include a one-week scenario-based field-training exercise.

· Technical Training: Upon completion of basic training you will receive in-depth, comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience that will equip you for both your military and civilian careers. Career fields range from avionics to food services, and training can be as little as 6 weeks or as long as 52 weeks, depending upon the technical aspects of the specific field you select.

· Professional Military Training: This includes courses to teach leadership and management skills. These courses also are designed to improve your technical expertise, as well as communication skills and to assist you in developing your leadership potential.

· Community College of the Air Force (CCAF): The Air Force is the only military service that has its own Community College. This is a unique, multi-campus facility from which Air Guard members can earn an Associate's in Applied Science degree. CCAF will take the credits you receive for basic military training and technical training and convert those into college credits that are transferable to most colleges.

Prior Service

The Air Guard (ANG) is a diverse organization that welcomes qualified applicants from all U.S. military branches. Whether you are preparing to leave active duty, participate in the Inactive Reserves (IRR), returning from a break in service, or considering early departure from the Air Force, we want to talk to you.

The ANG also accepts transfers from other Reserve/Guard components. All applicants must meet physical, age, and citizenship requirements as well as fulfill an elevated moral standard, so what are you waiting for? You'll pick up where you left off! BX, Commissary privileges, SGLI insurance, health and dental benefits, and a monthly paycheck can be yours once more as member of the ANG!


If you are interested in joining the Colorado Air National Guard, feel free to call our recruiters to get all the information you need.





What are the ANG entrance requirements?

If you are interested in joining the Air Guard and never served before, you must be between the ages of 17 and 39. You will be required to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) as well as an Entrance Physical Examination. You can only have limited law violations and must pass a background check. This is part of the screening process before you can actually join the Air Guard. Once the screening process is complete and you are determined eligible to join, you begin the job selection process. Using the results from the ASVAB test and physical, your recruiter reviews positions available within the local unit to match with your areas of interest. Once a job is selected, you will be scheduled to enlist, and begin your membership in the Air Guard; everything prior to swearing in is preliminary processing and does not obligate you to join.

What commitment is expected from Air Guard members?

For new Air Guard members, the commitment involves working one weekend a month and 15 days a year, at a minimum, for a period of 6 years. You must attend Basic Military Training (BMT) at Lackland AFB in Texas for approximately 8 1/2 weeks, followed by Technical School for the career field you have chosen. Tech schools range in length from 6 to over 52 weeks, depending on the job.

Where will I work?

One of the benefits of joining the Air Guard is being part of your Hometown Air Force. Ordinarily, you would join the unit closest to you, and after initial training you return to work one weekend a month and two weeks a year from that location. On occasion - typically during the annual training periods (two to three weeks a year) - units try to travel to varied locations to complete a more comprehensive training program. Transportation to and from that location as well as room and board are provided.

Will I be deployed?

There is always the possibility of being tasked for deployment. The current posture for the Air Guard is to support the needs of the Air Force on an as-needed basis. It is almost impossible to predict or determine whether, when or for how long you could be deployed. Every effort is made to use volunteers first, and in some cases you may be tasked to deploy when volunteers are not available to meet the mission's requirements.

What is the Air Guard?

The Air Guard is a Reserve branch of the United States Air Force, and serves alongside active duty Air Force members in times of national crisis. In addition, the Air Guard answers to the Governor of their respective state and serves the state and local community in a wide range of capacities.

Why do people join the Air Guard?

The reasons are as diverse as our members and include such reasons as a deep desire to serve their country, money for college, travel, new job skills, and the pride that goes with belonging to the greatest military organization in the world.

How many years do you enlist for?

If you are Non-Prior Service, your enlistment is for 6 years with 2 years in the Inactive Ready Reserve (non-drill status, but subject to call up). If you are Prior Service, enlistment options vary from a 1-year for some (known as a "try-1") to a 6 year enlistment, depending on your particular circumstances.

What is Basic Training like?

Basic Military Training (BMT) is 8 1/2 weeks of intense training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. While there, you will make the transition from civilian life to military life. In addition to various types of military training, you will also learn Air Force history, customs and courtesies, as well as proper wear of the uniform. Visit this Lackland Air Force Base link for more details.

Can I come home between basic training and technical training?

No, unless you are required to do so due to unusual circumstances.

What are the basic qualifications to join?

For Non-prior Service:
· Complete ASVAB test, minimum Score is 31
· Pass a military medical examination
· Have no alcohol or excessive law violations
· Have a high school diploma or GED, or be within one year of high school graduation
· Be 18 years old (17 with parental consent), and less than 40 years old

For Prior Service:
· Received an Honorable Discharge from your branch of service
· Complete 20 creditable years of service by age 60. Your prior service time counts towards the 20 years of service.

What is the process to enlist?

Contact your local Air Guard recruiter at 1-800-864-6264 to schedule the ASVAB test and enlistment medical examination. Once you meet the basic qualifications, you'll select a job and visit that work center for specific job information.

How much money can I make? (Weekend, Annual Training)

Your base pay is determined by your rank and years of service. See Military Pay Tables here:

What about a military retirement?

Members who accumulate a minimum of 20 years creditable service are entitled to receive a military retirement at age 60. Your retirement pay is based on your rank, years of service, and total retirement points accumulated.

What about education benefits?

Several education benefits are available to unit members.
For example:
· Up to 100% State Tuition Assistance
· Community College of the Air Force college credits that can be applied toward an associate degree in your military career field. These credits may also be applied toward a college degree at a civilian college.
· Full-time students can receive up to $679.00 per month for college through the Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill and KICKER programs.
· We offer unit members free Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing that allows members to earn college credits through specialized tests.

Do I have to buy my own uniforms and shoes?

No, enlisted members are provided uniforms free of charge.

What types of careers are available?

There are more than 140 different enlisted career opportunities in the Colorado Air National Guard. Imagine a small city with an airport.

See specific jobs here

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