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140th Wing Staff Agencies

Chaplains' Office
The 140th Wing Chaplain's Team is committed to ensuring spiritual care for the entire family. Six chaplains and three support personnel are assigned to administer to the 140th Wing family. Chaplain offices are located in Building  801, Room 233 and can be contacted at COMM 720-847-9434 or 8434, DSN 847-9434 or 8434. 

Command Post (CP)
Command Post Operations serves as the nerve center for all 140th Wing operations. A duty controller is available 24 hours a day at COMM 720-847-9955 or DSN 847-9955. 

Finance (FM)
The 140th Wing finance office includes financial services, financial analysis, non appropriated fund oversight, quality assurance and a command section. The unit's overriding goals are customer service and fiscal execution. The finance office is located in Building 801, Room N252 where customers can get military, civilian and travel pay assistance at the centralized customer service counter. COMM 720-847-6855 DSN 847-6855.

Hours of Operation - Tuesday-Friday, 0800-1530 UTA 0900-1500 

Human Resources Advisor (HRA) 
The top three roles of the HRA is to advise command leadership on diversity-related issues and initiatives and infuse diversity into: 
1. Creating a culture of mentoring 
2. Force Development events and opportunities 
3. Force Management processes and identifying trends. 
The HRA is responsible for providing diversity training to the Colorado Air National Guard. The Wing Human Resources Advisor Office is located on the second floor of Bldg 706. For more information, call (720) 847-9023, or DSN 847-9023. 

Hours of operation - UTAs - 0730 - 1600 hrs.

Inspector General (IG)
The Inspector General is the eyes, ears and conscience of the base. The IG is an independent agency that investigates complaints, allegations of reprisal, improper mental health referrals, and fraud, waste, and abuse. It conducts administrative investigations designed to ensure efficient and effective mission accomplishment. The IG office is located on the second floor of Building 706. COMM 720-847-9053, DSN 847-9053.

Judge Advocate (JAG)
The legal office, located in Building 706, second floor, provides confidential advice to all service members concerning personal civil matters and military affairs. Attorneys are available to provide advice on issues of marriage, divorce, adoption, insurance, personal injury, claims, rentals and leases, indebtedness, wills, and estate planning. The legal office also provides powers of attorney. COMM 720-847-9459, DSN 847-9459.

Hours of Operation - UTA 0900-1500

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO)
The Military Equal Opportunity staff is qualified to assist 140th Wing members with specialized issues in the areas of equal opportunity and treatment, human relations and other problems. The MEO office is located in Building 706, second floor. COMM 720-847-6388, DSN 847-6388.

Plans (XP)
Provides all local war/contingency planners a strategic platform in support of wing readiness and HHQ deliberate planning, execution, and expeditionary force objectives. COMM 720-847-6389, DSN 847- 6389.

Public Affairs (PA)
The focal point for providing information on 140th Wing issues, programs and base events to Airmen, the community and members of the news media. The Public Affairs Office is located in Building 801, Room 211. The staff conducts base tours, provides speakers for civic organizations in the community, maintains this public web site, and is the commander' s liaison between the base and local media organizations. All media requests concerning 140th Wing people, programs and events must be coordinated through Public Affairs. COMM 720-847-6164, DSN 847-6164. 

Hours of Operation - Tues-Fri  0730-1700
                                      Sat UTA 0830-1600
                                      Sun UTA 0900-1600

Safety Office (SE)
Located in Building 706, second floor this section includes flight, ground, and weapons safety staff. COMM 720-847-9738, DSN 847-9738 for more information.