Be Smart, Stay Safe, Protect our PII

  • Published
  • By Col. Floyd Dunstan
  • 140th Wing Commander

140th Wingmen,

First and foremost in my thoughts is how each of you continues to serve your nation with distinction and honor every day.  Some particularly defining moments from this spring include the superior performance by our Airfield personnel during the AFSPC inspection in January, the selection of SrA Jonathan Smail, 233 SG, as not only the COANG Airman of the Year, but also the ANG Outstanding Airman of the Year,  and the deployment of our Theater Security Package to Korea this spring. After visiting our deployers last week, I couldn't be more proud of their hard work and top-notch performance. They are truly upholding our exceptional reputation and setting the bar in terms of mission performance. This is truly an outstanding organization in which I am so grateful to serve.

One issue that I will emphasize throughout this spring and summer is protecting our members' personal information.  For the last two years we have repeatedly briefed responsible PII (personally identifiable information) practices and our organizations have implemented new policies concerning social media use.  I am holding each of you personally responsible for protecting yourselves, your family, and your co-workers' personal information. Each of you has entrusted our organization and your family and friends with information that could be used against you.  Any breech of your private information could have lasting ramifications on your career and personal life. WE CANNOT tolerate any release of personal information outside this organization.

I am asking each of you to review your social media profile and those of other known military members you are connected to.  When you encounter PII or sensitive information online, please contact the responsible individual to correct their mistake, and follow normal procedures to report OPSEC incidents as required. Always encrypt e-mails that contain PII and if you have any issues or further questions, don't hesitate to contact 140th Wing Public Affairs or the 140th Communications Flight.

The following links are some great resources on safe and responsible social media practices. Please share with your family.

NG Guidelines for Social Media Use:

Stay Safe on Social Media - Privacy Tips:

Deployment-Specific Social Media Quick Tips:

More on Cougar Tales:

We cannot compromise our safety or the mission because of PII leaks, but we need everyone's help. I appreciate your time and effort in taking this matter very seriously.

Col Dunstan