Big News! 137th Space Warning Squadron is now the 233rd Space Group

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Trulan Eyre
  • 140th Wing Commander

Wingmen of the 140th,

It gives me great pleasure to pass along this note I received from HQ USAF today announcing the approval of our Organizational Change Request (OCR), reorganizing the 137th Space Warning Squadron into the 233rd Space Group, Colorado Air National Guard. Within the group will be 3 subordinate squadrons, the 137th Space Warning Squadron, the 233rd Space Communications Squadron, 233rd Security Forces Squadron, along with the 233rd Logistic Readiness Flight.

Why the 233rd you may ask? We selected this nomenclature in honor of the COANG's former 233rd Mobile Communications Flight, dating back to before the mid-60's. Expect more information about this heritage as we go forward with the reorganization.

We are tentatively looking at March for standing up the Group and will obviously make more announcements regarding this in the future. In the meantime, please spread the word, especially those of you up in Greeley to our retirees and community friends.

Folks, this has been a long time coming and there are many who deserve the credit for making this happen. The OCR has gone through numerous changes over the past few years and been accepted then rejected - back and forth, until now when we are finally official. Many people have assisted in making this a reality, and I start by thanking Col White and his current team in the 137th for their dogged persistence. Thanks also go out to Col Johnson, and Brig Gen (ret) Hudson, former Commanders of the 137th who started this process and helped see it through to fruition. And thanks as well to Maj Gen Stonestreet and especially his predecessor as the ANG Advisor to AFSPC, our own Maj Gen (ret) Emil Lassen. All were the driving forces behind this announcement.

Congratulations again to the new 233rd Space Group. This is a historic day in the Colorado Air National Guard!!

Tru Eyre
140th Wing Commander
Colorado ANG

-----Original Message-----
From: NGB/A1M Actions
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 1:10 PM
To: Eyre, Trulan A BrigGen USAF ANG 140 WG/CC
Subject: 137 SWS OCR




1. HQ USAF/A1M has approved your request to activate the 233d Space Group, 233d Space Communications Squadron, 233d Security Forces Squadron, and 233d Logistic Readiness Flight.

2. Request you provide us with an effective date NLT 23 Jan 12. The proposed effective date should be NET 1 Mar 12 to allow for required coordination with HQ USAF prior to us generating an Organizational Action Letter to the state. Ensure any public or congressional announcement is coordinated through NGB/PA and NGB/LL prior to release.

3. Our POC is Mr. Mike McDermott, A1MMO.


Chief, Manpower, Organization and Resources Division