• Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Trulan A. Eyre
  • 140WG/CC
Fellow 140th Wingmen,

This morning I received the outbrief from the NORAD IG on our Alert Force Evaluation last week. Once again you have knocked it out of the park, in what I can honestly say was the shortest, and perhaps the best outbrief of any inspection I can ever remember in my many years in the COANG. To summarize, first and foremost, the IG will be telling Gen Jacoby, NORAD Commander, that we are Mission Ready, across the board. In the end, that is what is most important.

However, specifically, our Command Post was seen as Exceptional, in fact, "as good as they have ever seen". Our Maintenance was well above average, with only 2 (yes 2!) very minor Areas for Improvement. Maintenance Support in Unit Programs and Documentation was listed as "impeccable". In fact, the Maintenance section in the report is less than one page......I can never remember anything like that! The Employment portion listed not a single write-up on the mission flown. And Security Forces had only 2 Areas for Improvement as well. Across the board, the IG said that our ACA Mission is as good as it gets.

And let's not forget that this occurred at the same time as we have Airmen on the front lines of the wildfires here in Colorado!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I could not be prouder. You have truly outdone yourselves again, and with your recent success in our ACC ORI just last month, I am continually amazed by all you do in the name of preparedness to serve our Nation and State. And I am just as confident in our 137th Space Warning Squadron's ability in the AFSPC ORI next month to continue our steak of success.

Keep up the great work folks. You are making a tremendous name for yourselves and I continue to be honored to serve with each of you!

Well done.


Tru Eyre
140th Wing Commander