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  • Servicemembers, Community Leaders From Across Colorado Springs Join for 9/11 Commemoration

    More than 700 military members and community leaders from across Colorado Springs joined today to commemorate 9/11 at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs, Colo. Throughout the previous dozen years, installations across the area have hosted their own, smaller events, but this year they joined for one large ceremony.Army General
  • Air Force revamps AEF

    The Air Force will deploy Agile Combat Support Airmen under its redesigned air expeditionary force construct October 1. The primary purpose of the redesign was to look at ways to deploy more ACS Airmen with their units and standardize dwell times across the Air Force as much as possible to present a consistent Air Force capacity to the
  • Military Aircraft Flyover

    Starting at 10:00 AM, on September 11, 2014, residents of the Colorado Springs/Denver region may see or hear some military fighter jets flying at a low altitude between the areas of the Buckley Air Force Base, Denver and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colorado Springs.The military aircraft will be part of the 9/11 Memorial Commemoration
  • Offensive Guard, Capt. Ben Garland, Makes the Cut

    Ready54 interviewed Offensive Guard and Air National Guard Capt. Ben Garland, who explains the importance of staying resilient, embracing teamwork and balancing a civilian and military life. Ben Garland just made the Broncos team for the 2014-2015 Broncos season.Watch Video
  • Wanted: Airmen Selfie Videos

    Do you have a unique story about the path that led you to the Air Force? Are you proud of your job and how it impacts the bigger Air Force mission? Do you work in an exceptional unit? If so, the Air Force wants to hear from you!The 2014 American Airman Video Contest, which began July 1, is open to all Airmen -- uniformed, civilian, Guard and
  • Existing tools help users reduce PII breaches

    Members of 24th Air Force are refurbishing an old e-mail tool to help Air Force users reduce breaches of personally identifiable information.The Digital Signature Enforcement Tool, which currently prompts users to provide a digital signature when an e-mail contains an active hyperlink or attachment, is being reconfigured to scan e-mails and
  • F-16s return to new runway at Buckley AFB

    The Colorado Air National Guard's F-16 fleet is heading back ahead of schedule to the newly reconstructed runway at Buckley Air Force Base after spending three months at Denver International Airport. Personnel from the 140th Wing relocated their flying mission to DIA back in April, with the intent to stay 90 days while the runway at Buckley AFB
  • PTSD Awareness Day June 27

    June is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, and Military Pathways, a program of the Department of Defense, is encouraging service members, veterans, and their families to take advantage of a free mental health self-assessment tool available at MindBodyStrength.org to determine if they have symptoms that might be PTSD or another
  • Presidential Executive Orders to Help Servicemembers with Student Loans

    Yesterday, President Obama signed an Executive Order that will automatically apply a 6% interest rate cap to eligible federal student loan borrowers under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act without the need for additional paperwork.In October 2012, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published The Next Front , a report that identified
  • Base Honor Guard impacts community, pays final respects

    An Airman renders a silent salute as he pays final respects to a fellow comrade. The Airman does not know him. In fact, they have never met. But it is the Mile High Honor Guard's mission to pay final respects to members of the Air Force, Army Air Force and Army Air Corps who are originally from the Front Range and have passed away. The base honor