140th Wing deploys to S. Korea

  • Published
  • By Capt Kinder Blacke
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from the 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard in Aurora, Colo. are deploying to the Republic of Korea to demonstrate the United States' continual commitment to stability and security in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

"We are sending several of our jets and associated pilots, maintenance and support personnel as part of a routine theater security package to the Republic of Korea," said Col. Floyd Dunstan, commander of the 140th Wing. "Not only are we gaining valuable training out of this deployment, we are also strengthening ties with our allies and fortifying our relationships with international partners."

While in Korea, the 140th Wing will integrate with other U.S. Air Force members and fly daily training missions with their F-16C fighter aircraft.

"While it's always hard for our members and their loved ones to be apart, this deployment offers unique training opportunities for our folks," said Dunstan. "Our presence there is a critical contribution to our global force capability; we will basically serve as a deterrent against potential threats to regional security and stability, while simultaneously enhancing our own capabilities to perform in a deployed, joint environment."

Thankfully, every one of the deploying members of the wing is doing so completely voluntarily. "I am so proud of the commitment these men and women have to our mission, and to our national security," said Dunstan. "They are not going because they have to; they are going because they understand the critical need and make the sacrifice willingly."

Although much of the 140th Wing will be deployed, a significant number will remain at Buckley AFB in order to support their 24-hour Aerospace Control Alert mission, responding at a moment's notice to any airborne threats in the central United States region, as well as responding to any domestic situations that require Air National Guard efforts.