Quarterly 140th Wing Commander's Comments

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Trulan A. Eyre
  • Commander, 140th Wing
On November 11th of this year, we will spend the day honoring our courageous U.S. Veterans with parades, speeches and for many, a day off with their families. All of us should pause in our own quiet way that day to remember and honor those who have sacrificed so much to ensure we continue today as the greatest nation on earth. When you were able to vote in early November, thank a Vet. When you walk through aisles stocked full in your neighborhood grocery store, thank a Vet. When you are free to travel and worship as you please, thank a Vet. All that we know as a nation was bought with the blood of heroes who have gone before us. They are deserving of our thanks and remembrance.

This month of November, the F-16 ORE and the 137th Space Warning Squadron ORE are occurring and for many of you, you are busy doing the business of your operational missions. My thanks to you for your active participation and preparation. 

Our F-16 Operational Readiness Inspection in February is just around the corner and I can guarantee you, it will be every bit as tough as our last. Please ensure you are preparing yourself in every possible way to shine. Our last dress rehearsal is upcoming during the January drill.

Also, the holidays are approaching and once again we will have members deployed this year over Christmas and New Years, including our 240th Civil Engineer Flight folks in Afghanistan. Please keep all our Wingmen in your thoughts during these special days while they are away from loved ones. 

We will hold our annual Wing Christmas celebration on the Sunday of Dec drill. I Look forward to seeing you and your families there, although many of you will be deployed for our AEF spin-up at Barksdale AFB for Green Flag. Please take care of each other down there.

Lastly, a pitch for safety as we enter the winter months. Although we are blessed with many sunny days during our Colorado winters, it is inevitable that snow will arrive at some point. Also, with daylight savings behind us, a lot of our commuting will be in the dark. Take it easy as that black ice can sneak up on you. Speed is the one major item you have control over to help make driving as safe as possible. And you really have to wonder about talking on cell phones during inclement weather driving! Remember to use the Snow Line 720-847-SNOW to keep informed on base closures. But you always have the trump card that if in your own personal case, it doesn't make sense to fight your way in to work, then please don't do it. We want you around for the long haul!

Take care of each other. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!