Denver International Airport temporarily hosts Colorado Air National Guard F-16s

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  • By DIA and 140th Wing Public Affairs
Denver International Airport (DIA) will temporarily host the Colorado Air National Guard F-16s while the runway at Buckley Air Force Base undergoes reconstruction.

Members of the 140th Wing have relocated their operations to DIA this month, and the F-16s are taking off and landing, using Runway 35R. The jets fly training missions twice daily, Tuesday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and one weekend a month until the fleet returns to Buckley at the completion of its runway construction.

"We are happy to be able to accommodate the Buckley AFB Air National Guard F-16 squad at DIA while their facility is being renovated," said Denver's Manager of Aviation, Kim Day. "We support our military partners and while this temporary relocation required much planning and coordination we know our passengers and employees will enjoy watching these impressive aircraft takeoff and land at DIA."

This is the second time the 140th Wing has temporarily relocated their operations to DIA, and based on previous experience, there are no anticipated effects on commercial flying operations at the airport. The area in which the F-16s will be parked will be restricted to military personnel and will be strictly guarded by military police around the clock.

"We are very grateful to be able to share runway space at DIA," said 140th Wing Commander, Col. Floyd Dunstan. "Their cooperation in making this a smooth transition has been phenomenal, and we are very fortunate to have them as neighbors; our critical homeland defense mission will not be affected."

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