New ANG Referral Program

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. David Speicher
  • 175th Wing Public Affairs
Current and retired Air National Guard members can refer new recruits to the Guard and collect rewards for their efforts.

The Air National Guard Referral Rewards Program is a voluntary recruitment referral program where members who successfully help recruit a new member are rewarded with incentives.

According to Master Sgt. Robert Sweeney, recruiting office supervisor, anyone, full-time, traditional or retirees can go to the website,, and set up an account. An informational packet and business cards will be mailed out to the individual directly.

"The program gives new leads a second source of information if they want to ask a member who is not a recruiter," said Tech. Sgt. Jerry Goldstein, assistant retention office manager.

"Unlike G-RAP (guard recruiting assistance program), this program provides rewards for all. The full-time staff was excluded from G-RAP," said Sweeney. The previous program did not allow rewards to full-time members.

"This program is for everybody where G-RAP was for certain individuals. The full-time staff was disappointed in G-RAP," said Sweeney. The old program was a dollar amount reward.

"This program rewards on a multitier system of incentives," said Sweeney. As a person brings in more recruits, the rewards move up in a tiered system.

The first tier (one recruit) has choices of a backpack, duffel bag, tool or executive leather kit. All the items are customized with the Air National Guard logo.

If two recruits are brought in, the member moves to the second tier. Choices on the second tier include a custom fitness kit for men or women or a tailgate package.

The third tier, for bringing three recruits, includes custom luggage or a stainless appliance kitchen set.

If four recruits sign up, the choices are custom grill and knife kitchen kit or a golf kit that includes a golf bag, golf balls and a GPS for golf courses.

The fifth tier, or five recruits, rewards the member with a 3D 40 inch Blue-Ray home theatre system or two different gaming kits that include a game system and 40 inch high definition television.

"The main thing for recruiting is to fill the critical jobs. The majority of the jobs we are recruiting for are critical jobs like aircraft maintenance, munitions systems and civil engineering. The program rewards better for these critical jobs," said Sweeney.

"They are like the headhunter for us. They are going to find the individual and bring them to us. Then they collect the rewards," said Sweeney.