137th Space Warning Squadron to reorganize, activate as 233d Space Group

  • Published
  • By Capt Kinder Blacke
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs
March 10 will mark a new day for the 137th Space Warning Squadron, based out of Greeley, Colo., as the Airmen reorganize and activate as the 233d Space Group, still falling under the 140th Wing.

Since the Colorado Air National Guard adopted this space mission back in 1996, efforts have been ongoing to convert the organization from a squadron to a group.

According to the squadron commander, Col. Gregory White, this reorganization is critical in order "to properly posture this unit in compliance with Air Force organizational standards, appropriately placing commanders over mission-complementary -- but distinctly functionally diverse -- squadrons."

"The Space Group over the top of these squadrons ensures the necessary cohesion to ensure these squadrons most effectively and efficiently execute the one-of-a-kind, Mobile Ground System mission," he said.

The 137th Space Warning Squadron has been providing nearly flawless early-missile warning support to commanders since its inception, however "a large, abnormal Space Warning Squadron did not lend itself to focused, functional support," White explained.

"The most significant impact of this reorganization will occur at the squadron level as the new commanders of our space warning, communications, and security forces squadrons can now much more effectively interface with their Air Force squadron peers," he said.

"Additionally, higher headquarters staffs should be able to account for, communicate with, and support these new squadrons better now that these functions are arranged in commonly accepted Air Force organizational structures," said White.

While this change will improve the unit's ability to operate, it will not increase the Department of Defense budget.

"During these tough fiscal times, it was critical that this important reorganization didn't necessitate adding a single manpower billet or any additional funding," said White. "We were able to accomplish this by keeping the lens of efficiency in the foreground throughout the reorganization process."

As for the impact on Greeley and the neighboring communities, there shouldn't be any noticeable change other than some new patches on the walls, new organizational labels, and new job titles. The mission, role, and daily operations of the 233d Space Group remain unchanged, White explained.

Although White also mentioned that with the oversight of the 233d Space Group, this reorganization does better position the Colorado Air National Guard to take on additional space missions in the future.

FOR ASSIGNMENT EDITORS: Media who would like to attend the reorganization ceremony must RSVP to Capt. Kinder Blacke, kinder.blacke@ang.af.mil, no later than noon on Friday, March 8, 2013, in order to be cleared for access into Greeley Air National Guard Station.

Please contact Capt. Kinder Blacke, 140th Wing Public Affairs at 720-847-6164, or cell 720-670-7062, kinder.blacke@ang.af.mil with any questions.