COANG hosts Jordanians for NCO development exchange

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Bobbie Reynolds
  • 140th Wing

Airmen from the Royal Jordanian Air Force and 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard participate in a non-commissioned officer development exchange at Buckley AFB, Mar. 11-18, 2018.


Jordanian NCOs visited Colorado as a part of the National Guard’s State Partnership Program in efforts to exchange information and share experiences on NCO development.


This NCO development engagement not only enhanced the longstanding relationships between Colorado and Jordan NCOs, but also focused on how both organizations work to develop strong leaders throughout the NCO Corps.  The SPP between Colorado and Jordan was established in 2004, to establish relationships with a coalition partner and work on mutual objectives to achieve interoperability.


“The purpose of this visit is to exchange NCO development ideas and concepts; share how we develop our NCOs and understand how Jordan develops theirs,” said Tech Sgt. Kiley Bond, medical logistics NCOIC assigned to 140th Wing at Buckley AFB, Colo. “Idea sharing and mentorship is the most important element.”


The 140th Airmen set up briefings with the Top 3 and the Rising 6 followed by a sponsored luncheon with American Legion Post 1. Fuel distribution, personnel, security forces, vehicle maintenance and supply gave briefings on professional military education, the promotion process and how leaders support NCOs in their respective shops.  Being able to experience a different culture and witness the important roles that NCOs play in the military is important for both sides. Exchanging that information provides a balance between two countries to help strengthen military units and relationships.


Master Sgt. Denver Stack, base service manager assigned to the 140th Wing, Buckley AFB, Colo. said, “the RJAF has a strong respect for both family and country and how this is demonstrated throughout their military is important for us to understand.  It is not much different from the Guard family so we were able to share these concepts and learn from each other.”


The NCO Corps strengthens military forces and builds leaders but the most important part of the SPP is understanding that NCOs are the backbone of the military and despite cultural differences, their roles are ultimately the same.


“The most valuable lessons learned by both countries are the ability to make lifelong friendships and have the tools to develop strong leaders in NCOs,” agreed Staff Sgt. Lydia Burns, records flight management and Tech Sgt. Steven Schoen, fuel distribution, both assigned to 140th Wing, Buckley AFB, Colo. “NCOs are the core of the military. They are its heartbeat.”