Colorado Air National Guard welcomes new leadership

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kinder Blacke
  • 140th Wing

The Colorado Air National Guard welcomed two new senior leaders during change of command ceremonies Saturday, May 6.


Col. Floyd Dunstan has commanded the 140th Wing since April 2003 and after four years of highly-appraised leadership, he relinquished command to the former 140th Operations Group Commander, Col. Brian Turner.


“It has been a true privilege and honor to serve the Airmen of the 140th Wing,” said Dunstan before passing the ceremonial guidon to Turner. “This is the best job I’ve ever had.”


Dunstan’s term as the commander was extremely successful and included unit deployments to Jordan, Korea and Hungary, as well as achieving several significant upgrades to the unit’s capabilities, and providing support to domestic operations during the devastating forest fires and floods. He ensured the members of the 140th Wing were well-equipped and ready to serve.


“You get a lot of credit when things go well,” Dunstan admits, “but I owe it all to the Airmen down in the trenches. They’re responsible for the success of this outfit, not me.”


Dunstan has no hesitation passing command of the wing to Turner. “There is not a finer, more qualified officer to run this organization,” he said.


Turner steps into the position with ample experience after serving as the 140th Operations Group Commander prior to taking command of the 140th Wing.


“I am proud to be a part of a leadership team that cares so much about their people and is focused on accomplishing the mission,” Turner said.


Among his top priorities, Turner wants members of the wing to have more time to focus on their specific job skills and less time spent on administrative tasks. “I want you each to be subject matter experts in your respective fields and look forward to coming to drill weekends to focus on your wartime mission,” he said.


The 140th Wing Change of Command was followed by a promotion ceremony, during which Dunstan was promoted to the rank of brigadier general, and then received command of the Colorado Air National Guard from Brig. Gen. Jerome Limoge, Jr.


As the new Assistant Adjutant General for Air, Brigadier General Dunstan’s priorities are to not only take care of the Airmen and their families and ensure them the opportunities and resources to reach their goals and accomplish the mission, but also to “keep the COANG relevant into the future and remain fully engaged in our federal and state missions.”