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  • "One of a Kind" Training

    On a cold and rainy late spring morning, a convoy from the137th Space Warning Squadron departed Greeley Air National Guard Station. The convoy was making its way north to Ellsworth AFB located just outside of Rapid City, S.D. starting June 8. Members of the 137th SWS performed their annual training at Ellsworth AFB due to its unique environment.
  • Civil Engineers provide new buildings, new hope

    Four members of the 240th Civil Engineer Squadron, 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard went to the Saint Michael's Association for Special Education on the Navajo Nation June 8. They spent four days evaluating and developing a master plan to upgrade the five-acre campus. The effort to upgrade the complex for physically and mentally handicapped
  • Legislators examine ‘sound of freedom’

    More than a dozen Colorado legislators and staffers visited Buckley Air Force Base May 14 to learn what the Colorado Air National Guard (COANG) does for the state as well as how the legislators can best support the COANG. Senior Colorado National Guard leaders discussed the numerous missions and roles of the Guard in a state and federal capacity,
  • Colorado Air National Guard 140th Security Forces Members Deploy

    Approximately 30 security forces personnel assigned to the 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard, Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colo., left Buckley at approximately 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning for the United States Central Command Area of Operations in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The group of Citizen-Airmen will provide force protection
  • Wyatt discusses ASA mission with Congress

    New commitments need to be made to the nation's Airmen and others who defend North America from threats to its air sovereignty, the Air National Guard's senior officer told members of Congress here today. Air Force Lt. Gen. Harry M. Wyatt, director of the Air Guard, testified before the House Armed Services' readiness committee in a hearing on the
  • Colorado Air National Guard Returns to Iraq

    More than 100 Citizen-Airmen assigned to the 140th Wing left for Balad Air Base, Iraq today. More than 200 Airmen in total, including maintenance, pilots and support personnel will deploy in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the next week. Every one of the 140th Wing members volunteered to go on what will be the fourth deployment during the
  • Air Force Intelligence School honor Colorado's last MIA Vietnam National Guardsman

    The Air Force's Intelligence School named its Auditorium in honor of Colorado's last Missing in Action Guardsman from Vietnam. Colorado native, Maj. Perry H. Jefferson, was honored on Friday, April 10. Members of the Colorado Air National Guard, as well as Perry Jefferson's brother, Mike Jefferson, traveled to Goodfellow AFB for the ceremony.
  • 140th Wing Passes Inspections with Flying Colors

    The 140th Wing recently underwent a Phase One Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) and proved its ability to transition from peacetime readiness to a wartime posture. Now that the wing has the green light from the Air Combat Command Inspector General, it will deploy for real this summer for Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) 9/10. "Everything we did
  • Military and State leadership sign Colorado Military Family Covenant

    Senior leaders of the Colorado military and veterans community, members of the Colorado House and Senate, members of the state government and community members together pledged their commitment to military service members and their families with the Colorado Military Family and Community Covenant signed Jan. 30 at the State Capitol. Lieutenant Gov.
  • Colorado Guard Member Honored by Air Force

    Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Air National Guard. Based on a recent award presentation, innovation, financial discipline, and revolutionary project leadership led to unprecedented success in global safety program management. In a formal ceremony at the Air War College, Colorado's Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Vaughan was inducted