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  • Stay Frosty: SERE arctic training

    The scene turns less cozy when one reads the temperature; a balmy –5 degrees Fahrenheit, and that doesn’t even account for wind chill. What’s more, these three men aren’t here to live out a homesteading fantasy. Rather, it is their job to potentially protect 16 Colorado Air National Guard 120th Fighter Squadron pilots and one flight doctor from freezing to death in sub-arctic and arctic tundra.
  • Connecting Three Generations In Okinawa, Japan

        The tunnel was dark and damp. Gray, concrete walls lined the old bunker. Blotches of green were scattered on various walls, splattered marks where grenades had exploded. Japanese was written on the walls in the commander’s room, preserved by a thin sheet of Plexiglas. Every footstep taken in the musty old cave was, at one time, a place where a