Air National Guard Referral Program

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  • By National Guard Bureau
  • A1Y
The new Air National Guard Referral Rewards Program was created for current and retired ANG members who are helping to recruit new Airmen. To get started, log on to to create an account.

Once an account has been created, members will receive a welcome kit in the mail, which contains Referral Rewards Program business cards with your unique four-digit code. This code is the key to claiming your rewards!

When you send a potential Airman to a recruiter, make sure the potential Airman gives your card or code to the recruiter. Once the individual joins, it will be noted on your online account. Then you can choose your reward. It's that easy!

Rewards are redeemed via a tiered system. After your first recruit joins, you can choose a reward from the first tier. When your second recruit joins, you can pick a reward from the second tier, and so on. The more new Airmen you find, the more valuable the reward you are eligible to receive.

The ANG Referral Rewards Program is a voluntary program that is a benefit for current Airmen and retirees of the ANG.

Your story is our number one recruiting tool so let potential Airmen know how you have benefited from being in the Colorado ANG.