The Sky's the Limit for the 140th Wing

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Trulan A. Eyre
  • 140th Wing Commander
Yesterday, I received the out brief from the NORAD IG following our Alert Force Evaluation (AFE).  As you know, this was the second IG to visit us in the last week.  Chalk up another first for the 140th, as we were the first unit to receive these inspections in such a back to back manner.  Let me say, I am extremely proud and as I told you in the Commander's Call last week, "this too, shall pass."  Ladies and Gentlemen, indeed, it is passed, and we have passed.  But not just barely...we have hit a home run, particularly in the AFE.  During the ACC Phase I Inspection we received a Sat; however more than 65% of the inspection was graded either Outstanding or Excellent.  Congratulations!

Some of the phrases I have heard from the out briefs were, "professional and courteous across the board", "pristine jets--the best Block 30's we may have ever seen", and "you did all this without LOGMOD, during an ice storm on the first day, and sub-zero wind chill on the second".  The list goes on and on, but let me quote straight from the NORAD IG in a note he sent to the Commander of NORTHCOM, Gen Renuart:

"N-NC IG completed and outbriefed its AFE of the 140 WG at Buckley AFB.  We had the pleasure of watching one of the best performances, from bottom to top, seen by the team in months.  Across the board the 140 WG did very well demonstrating solid practices and proactive leadership on all fronts."

This characterization, along with the nine teams and 27 individuals identified as Superior Performers between the two inspections, has validated to our leaders and our nation, the 140th is chalked full of motivated, dedicated, selfless teams and members who are ready to pick up the sword in defense of our nation. We already knew this, but hearing an outsider praise your efforts is a compliment to you all.  Now let us go forward, capitalize on some of the lessons learned and continue to hone that blade so that we ingrain what we have learned where it truly becomes second nature. We still have work to do, but I am confident we are absolutely on the right track!

Let me close by also mentioning, this was a team effort across the board with augmentees from units within the Wing and HQ who volunteered their time despite not being tasked.  We could not have succeeded without you.  And I also want to mention that the 137th SWS had a Stan Eval SAV in Greeley at the same time, and they received an Excellent!  Col Johnson can't remember if the unit has ever received such a high mark in that category.  They, along with our 200th AS and 120th FS, are preparing for their MAJCOM Stan Eval inspections later this year.  Not too mention our F-16 AEF rotation this summer and numerous other GWOT deployments as well.  Bottom lines is, the work continues, but for a short moment in time, let us celebrate.  Be proud of what you have accomplished...I know I am proud of you all and it continues to be an honor and privilege to call the 140th my Wingmen.  Thank-you for your service.

Well done!