Welcoming words from Col Turner, incoming 140th Wing Commander


140th Wingmen,


                For those of you deployed, thank you for accomplishing the mission.  We will meet when you return.  During the Wing change of command I emphasized some changes to our priorities, and also made a promise to protect our Airman’s time.  Below are some of the ways our leadership team is quickly making these concepts reality. 


                1) Revitalize our squadrons - Wing leadership will individually meet with your unit's leadership twice a year.  We will discuss how our wing leadership plans to support our squadrons, how we want to empower our core fighting units, and provide our most essential teams with the information needed to accomplish our unit DOC stated missions.  We will also discuss the resources available to take care of our people.


                2) Additional duties - Since October, our USAF leadership has limited the additional duties that can be tasked to Airmen, constantly updating the approved list.  We need to comply with these changes, and are currently identifying duties being performed that are not listed, only keeping those which are mission critical.


                3)  Ancillary training requirements - Wing XP and our BETM have developed an ancillary training program that only requires one UTA period each year!  This event will be offered quarterly in FY18.


                4)  Fully resourced support staffs - our FSS and HRO personnel are creating experts within our Group CSS structure to bring back the "help window."  Our goal is to provide personalized service to each of you, instead of referencing you to web based self-service.  Drop by and tell your CSS "thank you," and remember that customer service is a tough sport!


                5)  Information passed quickly - Major Blacke and our PA team want to know the most effective way to communicate with you.  We don't want you to sort through a bunch of emails for information during UTA.  Our team wants you to find information quickly and have more time for hands-on training and visible leadership when you are here.


                6)  FY18 will start with a Phase 2 ORI and we have a mid-point UEI next July, where both flying missions will receive external IG inspections.  These events are focused on mission execution for all groups.  Wing XP has proposed to TAG a well thought out FY18 drill schedule, balancing school sessions, holidays, and deployments.  We will limit ceremonies and ancillary training during UTA, so you can concentrate on being an expert at your AFSC.  UTA is where we work on mission readiness, and our leaders will ensure we effectively use your time.


Our 140th Wing leadership is using these 2017 priorities to guide our decisions. 


1)  Revitalize our squadrons

2)  Protect our Airman's time

3)  Ready force - Trained, Equipped, Verified

4)  Build trust - Build competitive teams - Build our future Warrior Airmen

5)  Be accountable for our taxpayer's treasure


We are open to any ideas you have that will improve our organization and how we take care of our members.  Expect a couple surveys this summer asking for inputs. 


Thank you for defending the Homeland!




Col Brian "Ike" Turner

140th Wing Commander