140th Operations Support Squadron Honors Family Legacy in Colorado Air National Guard

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michelle Y. Alvarez-Rea
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs
The 140th Operations Support Squadron, 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard, welcomed Lt. Col. Jeremiah S. Tucker as their new commander during a memorable change of command ceremony on June 5, 2016.

The change of command ceremony is a long standing military tradition deeply rooted in symbolism. Its primary purpose is to allow unit members to witness the formal relinquishment of command by the outgoing commander, and the formal assumption of command by the incoming commander.  Within that exchange is also a symbolic representation of promised leadership continuation and the allegiance between a unit and the commander.  The military is rich in tradition and heritage and the change of command ceremony is only one illustration of that.

Although Tucker was received as the new commander, he is certainly not a new face to the 140th Wing or the OSS.  His father, Col. (Ret.) Richard "Mutha" Tucker also served in the Colorado Air National Guard, carving out the path for his young son to follow in his footsteps as a fighter pilot and eventually, a squadron commander as well. 

During the ceremony, Tucker described how growing up in the hangers of the 140th Wing for the last 32 years, before being hired on 17 years ago, makes it easy for "this place to feel like home."

Colonel (Ret.) Tucker stated, "there is a legacy in the Guard that goes way back to the beginning of this country.  We were citizen soldiers in the 1700's and that is how this great country became an independent nation. I am honored that tradition has carried on in the Guard and in my family." 

The wing's newest commander, Tucker said it best when he stated, "We grow up together, we grow old together and we go to war together.  That is the beauty of being a Guard family."