140th Wing Passes Inspections with Flying Colors

  • Published
  • By Capt. Kristin Haley
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs Officer
The 140th Wing recently underwent a Phase One Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) and proved its ability to transition from peacetime readiness to a wartime posture.

Now that the wing has the green light from the Air Combat Command Inspector General, it will deploy for real this summer for Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) 9/10.

"Everything we did during the Phase One was directed toward an actual deployment to the AEF. Our initial response actions included preparing 406 individuals, 170 short tons of cargo and nine F-16s to deploy to a USCENTCOM location. We had to ensure all individuals met demanding medical and ancillary training requirements which will pay huge dividends when many of these folks actually deploy for our AEF," said Lieutenant Colonel Fogle, 140th Wing Chief of Plans and Programs.

The 140th Maintenance Group worked overtime to provide in the words of the ACC/IG, "The finest Block 30 F-16's we've ever seen". The Mission Support Group was responsible for three of five graded areas. Airmen from the Mission Support Flight were responsible for running our unit personnel deployment function, while the Logistics Readiness Squadron handled the unit deployment control center and cargo processing functions. The Security Forces Squadron carried out the force protection requirements while members of the Communications Flight dealt with all the Information Operations graded areas. The wing did all this during an ice storm on the first day, and sub-zero wind chill on the second as well as without the global software computer systems used to track every deployment movement.

And after it was all said and done, the 140th Wing passed its inspection. "The wing received an overall grade of "Satisfactory", however this was not a true representation of the wing' s performance. There is no doubt in my mind that if the wing were to retake the inspection next week, we would receive an overall "Outstanding" rating," said Fogle. In fact, more than 65 percent of the Wing was graded either "Outstanding" or "Excellent", he added.

After the 140th Wing proved itself to Air Combat Command's inspectors, it proved it was also ready for surprises. Four days after the Phase One ORI, North American Aerospace Defense Command surprised the wing with a Fighter Alert Force Evaluation. The 140th jumped right back in the fight and earned the highest rating available of "Mission Ready".
The inspectors characterized the wing' s performance as a first class act by the entire team. "This was one of the best we've seen in a long time," said Lieutenant Colonel "Jethro" Wimmer, Alert Force Evaluation Inspector.

He continued to praise the wing's command and control operations as well as employment, maintenance support and security operations. "You guys are a first class act. Your attention to TO usage was perfect and the quality of your aircraft was exceptional," he added.

"Chalk up another first for the 140th, as it was the first unit to receive these inspections in such a back to back manner," said Brigadier General Trulan Eyre, 140th Wing Commander.

"We had the pleasure of watching one of the best performances, from bottom to top, seen by the team in months. Across the board the 140th Wing did very well demonstrating solid practices and proactive leadership on all fronts," said the NORAD Inspector General in a note to the Commander of NORTHCOM.

"I am extremely proud," said Eyre. "This characterization, along with the nine teams and 27 individuals identified as superior performers between the two inspections, has validated to our leaders and our nation [that] the 140th is chalk-full of motivated, dedicated, selfless teams and members who are ready to pick up the sword in defense of our nation."

At the same time, the 137th Space Warning Squadron in Greeley, Colo. also had a Standardization and Evaluation inspection and received an "Excellent rating". "They, along with our 200th Airlift Squadron and 120th Fighter Squadron, are preparing for their MAJCOM Standardization and Evaluation inspections later this year. Not to mention our F-16 AEF rotation this summer and numerous other GWOT deployments as well," said Eyre.

"Bottom lines is, the work continues, but for a short moment in time, let us celebrate. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished," said Eyre.