Crisis Avoided - 140th Medical Group Dentist brings smile back to honeymooners

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. John R. Nimmo, Sr.
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs
For Ontario, Canada newlyweds, Holly Kennedy and Kelly Turzanski, a drive around the island of Oahu just about came to a halt while enjoying a snack in the car.

"We were just driving up the coast and I hear Holly say 'Oh no!'" Turzanski said.

The next thing he knew, his bride of just a few days was in pain. A tooth filled years ago as a teenager had split while eating some jerky.

"We're here on our honeymoon, we had no idea where to go for help around here," said Turzanski.

Not knowing where to go, the couple sought out the first doctor sign on a home they could find as they continued around the island.

"We stopped just down the street," Turzanski said. "We didn't even know what kind of doctor he was, he could've been a veterinarian for all we knew," he added.

Fortunately for honeymooners Kennedy and Turzanski, this doctor knew about the military providing services at the Kahuku Medical Center in Kahuku, Hawaii. That military was the 140th Wing Medical Group from the Colorado Air National Guard, serving the local community and as it turned out, some newlyweds, in need.

Though appointments had been completely filled, inevitably some folks couldn't make it or don't show up. Luckily for Kennedy and Turzanski, their emergency fell just at a time when someone didn't show.

"We've been here since the third of March. We were to head home in just a couple days," said Kennedy. "We're just so lucky that doctor knew about you (140th Medical Group) being here," Kennedy added with a smile.

The 140th Medical Group were on the island of Oahu as a part of The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs Innovative Readiness Training Program, E Malama Kakou (translated from Hawaiian as "to care for all"), a two week humanitarian program providing services to the medically under-served and those in need with in the State of Hawaii.