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The 140th Operations Group hails new leadership

Buckley Air Force Base, Colo. -- The tradition of the change of command ceremony is a long and distinguished one and on June 6 this tradition was continued, when Col. Michael Loh relinquished command of the 140th Operations Group to Col. James Fogle.

The day was full of more change as two of the three operations squadrons under the 140th Operations Group, the 120th Fighter Squadron and the 140th Operations Support Squadron, also changed leadership in consecutive change of commands here.

"You consistently delivered excellence. Thank you for all that you do," said Loh.

Colonel Loh will take the reins as the Air National Guard advisor to the Air Force Chief of Staff and be promoted to brigadier general.

"I want to command in a team first, duty always environment," said Fogle after he took the podium and addressed the men and women of the 140th Operations Group for the first time.

In his new position, Fogle will provide command, leadership, and direction to over 100 military and civilian personnel at three geographically separated units. He will direct the aviation actions and be responsible for all phases of training and equipping combat F-16 forces, VIP airlift, and maintaining the Buckley Airfield and Airburst Range complex, a military range complex spanning more than 5,000 acres.

Lt. Col. Timothy Conklin became the 33rd commander of the 120th Fighter Squadron and also took the opportunity to address his new squadron. "Today I take command of the oldest federally recognized fighter squadron in the Air National Guard. Our mission is too important to the security of this nation to be anything but exceptional. Something this unit has done proudly for 87 years," he said.

In addition to its age, the 120th Fighter squadron also boasts outstanding accolades in recent years as it received "outstandings" in the Phase I Operational Readiness Inspection, the Alert Air Force Evaluation as well as the 12th Air Force Standardization and Evaluation visit, its third consecutive rating. The squadron also maintains the most experienced pilots in the Air Force.

The 140th Operations Support Squadron also boasts many firsts. Among them is the first-ever squadron of its kind in the Air National Guard and Lt. Col. William E. Orton, IV has the distinguished honor of being it's 4th commander after assuming the reigns of leadership.

Orton thanked individuals in the hangar for having the trust and confidence to select him as the new squadron commander. "I will lead to the utmost of my ability. I believe the OSS commander should have big ears, a big heart and surround himself with talented people," he said.