Practice makes perfect: Round 2 for 140th Wing Airmen participating in Operational Readiness Exercise

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Nicole Manzanares
  • 140th Wing Public Affairs
This is the second time this year that members of the 140th Wing tested their ability to properly execute wartime missions in a Phase II Operational Readiness Exercise in preparation for real world deployments and for the official Operational Readiness Inspection in May 2012.

More than 80 personnel of the Air Combat Command Inspector General ORI team will arrive at BAFB next spring to conduct a three-day Phase II ORI.

An ORI is designed to test how well a base prepares for wartime taskings and sustain combat operations while the ACC IG team provides threat simulations as realistic as possible.

In preparation for the initial inspection, 140th Wing Airmen worked more than 12-hour shifts during the two-day exercise responding to various threats in a simulated deployed location.

Participants experienced multiple hostile events to include missile attacks, suicide bombers and chemical warfare attacks that can happen in a deployed environment. They also tested their skills with Self Aid Buddy Care to injured comrades while still maintaining regular operations.

"I provide immediate tactical response to any unusual or hostile event that affects the flight line, assets or personnel," said Master Sgt. Gregory Elrod, ORE External Response Team Leader. "I am one of several patrols who would respond immediately to any hostile act and we would meet it with overwhelming force."

Elrod, who has more than 18 years of military service said, "We are the last, and really only line of defense between whoever is intending to do us harm."

In order for the 140th Wing to have a successful inspection there was an exercise evaluation team implemented with military members from various Air Force bases across America who tested the Airmen on their initial response, employment, mission support and their ability to survive and operate during peace and war-time activity.

"Bottom line is if we don't pass, that could affect what our mission is within the 140th Wing," said Maj. Malona Cavanaugh, Joint Force Headquarters Personnel Officer.

Cavanaugh's mission for the ORE was to be the officer in charge of the Single Entry Exercise Point.

The SEEP was where exercise players attained information for the exercise scenario and also received a uniform inspection. Every player in the exercise processed in and out through the SEEP.

Overall, the players are a lot more prepared this time around than the last ORE in May, stated Cavanaugh.

Throughout the next six to seven months, the 140th Wing Airmen will participate in more exercises to prepare for the official inspection that will happen in May.