140th Operations Group (OG)

COMM 720-847-9469 DSN 847-9469

140th Operations Support Squadron
Mission:  Provide multi-level operational support to the 140 Wing and associate Units. 

The 140th Operations Support Squadron is responsible for providing support to the 140th Wing training mission. Functions within the OSS include airfield management, air traffic control, intelligence, flight records, current operations scheduling, training, control of the Airburst bombing range, weapons and tactics, plans and mobility, and weather forecasting and warning services.  Additionally, the OSS manages an annual flying hour program of over 5,500 hours and 2,500 sorties.

120th Fighter Squadron
Mission:  The 120th Fighter Squadron has operational control and responsibility for the F-16 training mission in the140th Wing.

The 120th Fighter Squadron maintain a mission-ready, multi-role capability to mobilize, deploy and tactically employ forces worldwide for any contingency in support of U.S. national objectives. They are responsible for providing the people and resources necessary for conventional air-to-surface, air superiority, suppression of enemy air defenses, destruction of enemy air defenses and maritime operations.