How do I schedule a flyover for my event?


General Guidance   
   The first step in scheduling a flyover or static display is to go to the Secretary of the Air Force's Public Affairs office (SAF/PA) Web site. This Web site outlines the procedures for requesting approval for a flyover of static aircraft display for your event. 

   You must submit a Department of Defense Form 2535, to SAF/PA and the event must be approved at Headquarters United States Air Force before the 140th Wing can consider your request. Federal Aviation Administration coordination, (page 2 of DD Form 2535) is the responsibility of the requester and should be obtained prior to SAF/PA approval.  Information must be faxed to the FAA at: (303) 342-1176. 

   Please submit your request at least 90 days in advance of the event. Late requests will make it difficult to seek and secure operational support, even if determined eligible. 
   After your event is approved by SAF/PA, an approval message will be posted to the SAF/PA aerial events web site.  If you would like the 140th Wing to either fly over or provide a static display, please send your SAF/PA event approval to the point of contact listed below so that the Colorado Air National Guard can internally review your request for support. 
   Approval by SAF/PA does not guarantee 140th Wing aircraft participation. Flyovers and static displays are done in accordance with operational considerations and training requirements and as time and training dollars permit.  It is not uncommon for the COANG to receive more than twenty flyover requests for a patriotic holiday and therefore we need to review each and every one.

140th Wing Public Affairs Officer: Maj. Kinder Blacke, 720-847-6164,