140th Maintenance Group (MXG)



COMM 720-847-9455 DSN 847-9455

140th Maintenance Operations Flight 
Mission:  The 140th Maintenance Operations Squadron ensures the health of a fleet of more than 20 USAF F-16C+ aircraft. The flight provides extensive maintenance analysis data, maintains oversight of wing plans, training, scheduling, and forms documentation for the entire group. This work center also serves as the nerve center for all maintenance actions through the Maintenance Operations Center. Several other critical functions include the collection, tracking and forecasting of engine data for over 20 engines.

140th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
Mission:  The 140th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides intermediate and flight line maintenance for more than 20 Block 30 F-16C+ aircraft. The squadron is comprised of more than 230 personnel, each an expert in maintaining and loading the advanced combat systems of the world's most lethal fighter. The 140 AMXS personnel are tasked with two primary objectives. First is to ensure combat mission-ready aircraft are maintained to support the combat readiness of the 120th Fighter Squadron "REDEYES".  Second is to provide a fleet of Mission Ready Alert Aircraft in support of 24/7 homeland defense operations.

140th Maintenance Squadron 
Mission:  The 140th Maintenance Squadron accomplishes specialized maintenance of F-16 components, systems and support equipment. This includes inspection, repair and scheduled maintenance of aircraft propulsion, avionics, LIGHTENING/SNIPER/LANTIRN/ECM pods, pneudraulics, electrical-environmental, egress and fuel systems. Additionally, the 140th Maintenance Squadron repairs and calibrates test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment used by over 20 organizations on Buckley Air Force Base. The squadron also maintains engine trailers and maintenance stands necessary to accomplish its mission.